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Is Life Insurance Right for Single Adult Women?

Life insurance is a vital tool that provides peace of mind for people of all ages.  While it’s especially important for parents, it’s also important for single adult women as well.  If you’re single and don’t feel life insurance is necessary for you, think again.  We at Podmaska Insurance Agency serving Rhode Island could help you figure out your best options for life insurance and why it’s important for you.

It Could Provide Benefits for You While You’re Alive

If you’re thinking about obtaining a whole life policy, it could build cash value for you while you’re alive.  You may likely go through a rough patch financially at some point and may need this for emergency help.  Taking out some money helps you pay some major expenses or serious bills.  Also, the interest rates on a life insurance policy are known for being lower than credit cards.

Life Insurance Could Pay for Medical Expenses

What if you’re not in the best health?  Life insurance could come in handy when it comes to this.  It could help if you opt for a rider such as a critical illness or an accelerated death benefit.  Also, if you pass a medical exam, you can get a cheaper option like a term life policy.

You Can Use it to Help your Aging Loved Ones

Just because you’re single and don’t have a spouse or children to worry about doesn’t mean you don’t have other loved ones to care for.  Life insurance could help you take care of your aging or disabled parents or siblings.  In the event something were to happen to you, you could name them as your beneficiary.

Contact Us to Examine your Options

Finding the right life insurance policy takes time and patience in Rhode Island.  Don’t hesitate to find help.  Contact us at Podmaska Insurance Agency to schedule an appointment today.             

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