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Commercial Insurance FAQs

At Podmaska Insurance Agency in Rhode Island, we help our clients protect their businesses with our commercial insurance policies. Since your business is your livelihood, it pays to get the right kind of coverage to insure it against liability and other concerns. Our team has walked plenty of new and seasoned business owners through obtaining commercial insurance. As a result, we’ve got the answers to frequently asked questions about commercial insurance below.

What Is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is the same thing as business insurance. These policies protect businesses and assets related to the businesses. Unlike regular home or auto insurance, commercial insurance covers property and vehicles tied to commercial operations. It has unique terms and limits that apply to your business endeavors.

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

While every policy is different, commercial insurance policies generally cover liability, replacement of stolen equipment, and damage to property related to the business in qualifying circumstances. If you have company vehicles, your commercial insurance policy may also cover them in ways that are similar to regular auto insurance. Commercial insurance may also pay for expenses related to medical bills if someone gets injured on the site of your business and you are found to be at fault.

Why Should You Get Commercial Insurance?

You should get commercial insurance if you own a business because it will help you cover emergencies and problems that are hard to foresee. That layer of protection will give you peace of mind as you conduct business. It’s also best to get commercial insurance before you need it so you can use the policy when a problem arises.

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