Defensive Driving Tips

by spodmaska

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Did You Know?

Using proper defensive driving techniques will keep you and your family safe on the road as you travel. One of the main components of being a good defensive driver is to know how to use your outside mirrors to detect what other motorists are doing around you.


Use these tips to adjust your mirrors and use them properly to avoid potential accidents:

  • Park your vehicle and place your head against the driver’s side window. Then, set the mirror in place so you can just see the side of the car.
  • To adjust the passenger side window, position your head at the middle of the vehicle and the set the mirror so you can just see the side of the car.
  • These adjustments will ensure that the mirrors are positioned outward enough to eliminate blind spots.

Now that you can adjust your mirrors properly, here’s how to change lanes without an accident:

  • Look in the rearview mirror for vehicles approaching from behind.
  • Glance at the outside mirrors to see if any vehicles are in your blind spot. If you can see the entire front of a vehicle in the rearview mirror and not in any of the outside mirrors, it should be safe to change lanes.
  • Do not change lanes if a motorist is coming up on you quickly.


Safety First

In addition to using your mirrors, you should also physically turn your head over the appropriate shoulder to double-check your blind spot prior to changing lanes. If the path is clear, turn on your turn signal to indicate your intentions to other drivers behind you, and move on over.


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