Doctors Say: Go with the Dark Chocolate!

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Did you know on Valentine’s Day roughly 60 million pounds of chocolate are purchased? When picking out your sweet gift of cacao goodness this year, pick the Dark Chocolate! Here’s why:

Dark Chocolate 60% cacao or higher is actually good for your health!

What is in it?

It is made from the Cacao bean that falls form the Cacao tree, which typically grows in Tropical climates. I’m sure you’ve heard dark chocolate is loaded with anti-oxidants. But did you know anti-oxidants prevent certain types of cancer and signs of aging? It is also high in Vitamins and Minerals such as Iron, Copper, Magnesium and Potassium. Check out this site for the science behind the health benefits in further detail. 

What does it do for my health?

Studies show that it prevents blood clots by improving the flow of blood in your arteries. Because of this, it helps lower blood pressure  and it’s good for the heart. Good blood flow means more blood and oxygen in the Brain. So, a more efficient Brain! Phenylethylamine is a chemical compound found in chocolate, that actually acts as a stimulant. It releases endorphins that make you happy. It also has a low glycemic index, therefore despite its flavor,  Dark chocolate actually doesn’t spike your blood sugar. 

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