Refresh Your Home

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Does your home feel unorganized? Tired? Here are some easy tips to bring your home back to life:

ColorColorColor Using light colored paint like off whites actually do not make a space look bigger despite contrary belief. Bright colors and moldings that are lighter than the wall itself can push the walls backward. Be clever with your color choices. With the right color choice, a bright saturated accent wall can look spectacular. Color theory is a magical thing. (Remember the basic colors that compliment each other are: Red-Green, Orange-Blue, Yellow-Violet. However, check out a color wheel. Colors that are in the same family also look great with each other.) For more tips, check out this video.


Remove the clutter!– Get as much off the floor and counters as possible. Use hooks to hang kitchen appliances, tools in the garage, and even bikes. Label your bins! Storage bins, hooks, knobs and baskets can get some of that pesky clutter out of your closet. Check out how this person organized their clutter


Smart Furniture– Use multi-purpose furniture.  In a small space, small amounts of larger furniture up against a wall can open up the room rather than using several smaller pieces. Furniture that is movable, makes the room flexible and refreshing. Utilize your furniture to eliminate clutter. Where there is bed, there is storage. Try this DIY storage box. 


Planning to remodel your home? Before you get started, equip yourself with homeowner’s insurance from an adept agency that is prepared to assist you every step of the way.

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