Simple Safety Tips for the Winter Driver

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The winter season is here again and that means snowy, icy roads and less than ideal driving conditions. Here are some ways you can avoid accidents and be better prepared for emergencies on the road.                                 


The first and most obvious tip is to stay alert and be cautious when driving in dangerous conditions. Drive slowly. Give a lot of space between you and other drivers. Next, stay loose! Your reaction time will be quicker and more effective if you allow your steering arms to be loose and ready. Use your headlights during the day. Other drivers will have an easier time recognizing your vehicle’s presence on the road. Do not use your cruise control. If you need to stop abruptly and have anti-lock breaks DO NOT pump them, apply an even amount of pressure until the vehicle comes to a stop. If you have standard breaks, DO pump them, but gently.

There are also ways to prevent accidents before you even get on the road. Prepare your vehicle by purchasing winter tires. If you are unable to equip your car with winter tires, you can also check the tire pressure and eliminate any build up of dirt or snow in the tire wells or on top of the vehicle. Make sure your vehicle has enough of the correct type of oil. Most cars run better on a thinner oil in the winter. Consult a manual or a mechanic to find out which oil  is right for your vehicle. Check and fill your windshield wiper fluid. Lastly, check your battery. Batteries hold less of a charge in the winter so a hydrometer is a good investment. 

Incase of emergencies, be sure to have a first aid kit accessible in your vehicle. Always travel with extra fluids, jumper cables and a spare tire. If possible keep a flashlight, shovel, boots and salt in the event of getting stuck. If you end up waiting for assistance, you will want a blanket to keep you warm until help arrives. 

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