Frozen Pipes

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Did you know that every winter season, approximately 250,000 homes are disrupted or destroyed because of the disastrous effects of water pipes that freeze and burst?! That is a lot of homes!

Please take a quick minute to review some classic strategies to prevent this from occurring to you.

Keep your faucets slightly dripping so that the water stays moving and makes it much harder to freeze.

Keep your pipes warm…either by placing a space heater nearby or wrapping them in insulation.

Check frequently on your open pipes.

If your pipes have already frozen, do NOT try to thaw with an open flame or torch. A blow dryer on the pipes might work. Leave the faucets in the on position. If you suspect that your pipes have already burst, turn the main valve off in order to prevent any more serious flooding.

Now that we’ve briefly discussed some basic procedures to prevent this from ever happening to you and what to do if it does happen to you, let’s discuss what to do before the winter season… Talk to your insurance agent and make sure that you are covered. At Podmaska Insurance Agency, we favor educating our clients on the details of their policy. It is so important to KNOW that if disaster is to strike your home, you are 100% covered.

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